Happy HOWL-o-ween from Prince!
Prince was adopted by Teri from Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue in 2009. :)

5 Responses to “Evil Cookie Sucker!”

  1. Ward Witt

    That’s our Prince! He is usually a sweet shy boy but he loves wearing this costume. He wore it last year to his agility class halloween party and ran the course better than ever!

  2. Tina

    I love this Halloween photo! Prince, you look so handsome in your cape!!! Some shelties really know how to play the part!!

  3. Sullivan

    WOW Teri, did you ever get a handsome little man, congratulations on the adoption, however from the look on Princes’ face, I don’t think he is enjoying this near as much as we are . . . I suspect a few extra cookies in the treat sack will take care of that. Wishing you many long, joyful, happy years with your new heart dog.


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