I am so proud of my beautiful rescue Sheltie, Lucy. She just graduated from obedience school, and this is her “grad picture”! She is 6 1/2 years old, and has never been socialized, was only used for breeding. This class was a huge challenge for both of us. But, Lucy did great, and is slowly learning that people aren’t scary.

lucyrescueWe are all so proud too, Dianna!

15 Responses to “Honors Graduate”

  1. Bobbie Pyron

    This photo and story brings tears to my eyes. She is so beautiful and her eyes say, “Did I do good, Mommy?” Yes you did, sweet girl!

  2. Denise

    Congrats and well done! I know what it’s like to have a scared unsocialzed pup (Mollie – her pic was posted yesterday). It takes commitment, time and most of all love and patience. I am sure you have sacrificed so much to help Lucy enjoy life. I am sure you have brought much joy into each other’s lives. Great pic too! Kudos to both of you!

  3. Joe

    Lucy, congratulations, I bet you did an outstanding job too what a beautiful girl. Dianna, it takes a special person to resue any animal, you are that special person. Again congratulation to Lucy & Dianna.

  4. Jo

    Way to go Lucy! So nice that she is learning that people aren’t all scary. It makes me so sad to think of people mistreating animals, and Shelties are so sensitive it really bothers me that she wasn’t socialized or most importantly, loved, until she found Dianna to love her & help her become the awesome Sheltie I know she is. Being totally adorable doesn’t hurt either!

  5. Gloria

    Rescued Sheltie Lucy is just telling all of us that she will do anything to please her mom. What a lovely photo and we can see how proud Lucy is with her accomplishment! Go Lucy … we knew you could do it!

    A BIG thank you to Dianna for all the time and dedication you showed to your little girl. I would be beaming with pride too! Thank goodness you found each other. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Robin

    Love this story!!! Given enough love a sheltie will do anything thing for its person. So glad Lucy is where she can have the long happy life she deserves! She is a beauty!!!!

  7. Tina

    Cheers to Lucy!!!! Great job! Bless you Dianna for giving Lucy love and a wonderful life! :)

  8. Sullivan

    First, CONGRATULATIONS to you Lucy for making it through class with flying colors, you look so “scholarly” in your cap and kerchief, we know that could not have been easy for you but you did it because your new mommy asked you too and we know how bad you want to please.

    Second, KUDOS Dianna, for rescueing this precious baby. I see the apprehension in her eyes, but as she learns that you are a wonderful, patient and loving pet parent, she will come around.

    Lucy looks to be such a petite little girl and has such a sweet little face with a very pretty coat color and I love the big white blaze on her face. I wish you many long happy years with your new little companion.


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