8 Responses to “I’ll Get You My Pretty!”

  1. Lauren

    The best part :-) is that Bailey is a boy! haha. This costume belonged to my childhood sheltie Molly, and we didn’t have time before the sheltie picnic in September to get him a new costume. Luckily he’s a pretty gender-flexible puppy, since we kept calling him “she” for the first few weeks we had him! He’ll forever be confused.

  2. Rosemary James

    If she could twitch her nose someone would disappear in a puff of smoke. What a look!! I bet you have a lot of fun with her

  3. Sullivan

    . . . and your little dog too!! From the looks of Bailey, I’m not sure cookies are going to do the trick. My question is, how can one furbaby look so scary and so completely adorable at the same time? Maybe Bailey figures if she gives the best stink eye this year, she won’t have to wear the costume next year! I’m thinking her method is not going to work. Enjoy, just think, by tomorrow she will have forgotten and forgiven you.

  4. Ricki

    OMG we had a girl Sheltie named Bailey who looked JUST like your Bailey!!! Except ours had a blue eye and a brown eye. What a pretty little witch! <3


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