Last weekend Joey celebrated three events:
1. The first weekend of Autumn
2. His 17th Birthday (He was rescued when he was 2.5 years old from Sheltie Haven Sheltie Rescue!)
3. The Annual Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue (NVSR) Picnic at Curtis Memorial Park, Hartwood Virginia


Mary Mounts, a photographer with NVSR, captured this picture of Joey enjoying himself at the Autumn backdrop.
How WONDERFUL, Mary K. and hugs to you for adopting him!

20 Responses to “Let’s Celebrate Joey!”

  1. Aus sheltie mum

    That is awesome, such a happy sheltie and looks so young and healthy. Love hearing about senior shelties:)

  2. Zoey's dad

    What a happy looking little guy Joey is! Our Bentley (aka Jet) is NVSR 2009 alumni and is always smiling big like Joey! Thanks for making Joey’s life a good one!

  3. jo

    What a huge smile Joey is sporting1 I can’t believe he is 17, he looks so young & healthy. He has enjoyed 14 1/2 years with Mary K. and I think those years have treated him pretty well from the looks of it. I can only hope my 2 live to 17 & are as gorgeous as Joey is.

  4. David Larsen

    What a beautiful dog. Seventeen years old. A real beauty. Fantastic rescue! There is no dog like a Shetland Sheepdog. Don’t hesitate to get another one when the time comes. There is no such thing as comparing any dog with another all have their unique character and charm. I know my dog Jeter is my 3rd Shetland sheepdog. All were different but similar in many ways. It is interesting how charming each and every Shetland sheepdog is. It is the best breed as far as I am concerned. Sincerely David and Jeter

  5. Kris

    What a beauty! You are so very blessed to have a 17 yr old, Brinkley is 7 and I pray everyday he lives a long life! Joey is a handsome birthday boy!

  6. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh my gosh, seventeen! He looks amazing and so happy! Happy birthday sweet boy, and thanks so much for adopting him :)

  7. Gloria

    ?What a smart looking man joey is with that beautiful coat and sheltie smile! By the looks of it he certainly has something to smile about too! Mary K, you are one outstanding sheltie parent to have Joey with you for such a long time too. My vet, who was a breeder of shelties said he had only seen one sheltie that was 17 in his practice and has since retired.

    Thanks for considering adoption. Adoption makes my heart leap for joy! It has such a positive impact for both of you and the Sheltie Nation community too!

    What a milestone… wishing you both many more to come! Thanks for sharing this awesome picture and wonderful story. Happy Autumn!

  8. Sullivan

    WAHOO!! Way to go Joey, you look marvelous. I can only hope I look this good when I get your age. Happy, happy birthday you handsome hunk. Just look at that big Sheltie smile Joey is sporting, it only helps make the festivities a whole lot brighter. 17 wonderful years, that sure says a lot about your good “momma” skills Mary K. Big kudos for having the hinesight to bring this beautiful boy into your life, I always say it’s a win-win. Now Joey, go have a cookie and enjoy the rest of your day, I wish you lots more.


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