Scarlett says: “Maybe NOW I can finally catch all of those airplanes I’m always trying to herd!”


What a fun costume, Helene!

7 Responses to “Look, I Know What I’m Doing!”

  1. Robin Hall

    OH NO Acme Rocket, Run for the Hills Scarlett while you still Can, hope your experience is better then old whillie’ cyoate’s

  2. Jennifer Adams

    The first time we saw our Koji chase an airplane we couldn’t believe it, lol.

  3. Jo

    Never would have thought of it, but i can certainly imagine Scarlett herding airplanes! She’s so cute & I love her big smile.

  4. Robin

    Love this we need one this costume at our house, our Misti trys and trys to herd the planes and can never catch them!!!!

  5. Sullivan

    Helene, what a STUNNING little Sheltie your Scarlett is. Looks like she is in the Halloween spirit, dressed to the “nines” and flashing her big Sheltie smile! Now I ask you . . . who could resist that combination?


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