We salute you, private Sheltie!

(Layla enjoys herself on a recent camping trip to Cape Henlopen, DE.  Historic Fort Miles is there which was a coastal defense post during WWII.)

sheltiewatchI’ll sleep well tonight, thanks Chris! :)

9 Responses to “Sleep well. Your Sheltie is keeping watch.”

  1. Annely

    Aren’t Shelties the best!!Our beautiful Brinkley is forever alert but I’m so glad we don’t have one of those cannons because she would not hesitate to use it!!

  2. Helen Franklin

    does anyone have a fixed female sheltie, that is housebroken, loves everyone even cats and other dogs? and needs a good home? i have the home and love for a sheltie, with fenced in back yd. would u be willing to bring to columbus oh ?. for i have been wanting one for long time. will someone please help me out.! please send me an email asap. to – [email protected]

  3. jo

    Layla looks adorable as she guards us all! Is there a red phone next to her bed at home too?

  4. Sullivan

    Job well done, Layla! You’re right about sleeping well tonight, she is on high alert. Just look at those ears standing straight up and we know nothing gets past those little “eagle” eyes. Layla is a beatiful little girl and I bet she had a great time camping with her humans, that is always the best part of the trip. Travel safe.

    • Chris

      Thank you! When not guarding the coast, Layla is busy helping Wounded Warriors as a Therapy Dog at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.


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