Harley is one from the Buxton puppy mill rescue adopted via Maine Sheltie rescue. He was born a tripod and went blind this past winter due to white genetics. He is sitting in a food pantry box, (we are the co-directors of the pantry), as if to say: “I can help!”…:)

sheltieboxHugs to you for giving him a great home Amy & Doug!

6 Responses to “Think Inside the Box”

  1. Gloria

    What a little beauty Harley is. I am sooo grateful he has a loving home to call his own. Hugs and sheltie licks coming your way from my shelties to you both Amy & Doug and Harley too! Warms your heart!

  2. Christine

    What a beautiful dog! God Bless to everyone giving him hope and a forever home. He is gorgeous.

  3. jo

    What a sweet face Harley has! So happy he has found a loving forever family so he can concentrate on being an awesome Sheltie.

  4. Sullivan

    Congratulations to both Amy and Doug for having been so lucky to find this little diamond in the rough. Harley, what a beauty he is, with those 2 little black eyes maybe we should call him The Lone Ranger. Kudos on the adoption and giving Harley a start to a new life with long, lazy afternoons and more lovin’ that he will know what to do with and never another care in the world. I wish you many long, happy years with your newest family addition.


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