Hailey loves to share her crib with Casey!

Awe, Lorie. Friends for life!

9 Responses to “Bed Buddies!”

  1. gloria

    Too darn sweet! We all would have wanted a REAL sheltie in our cribs! Better than any stuffed animal!

  2. Tabitha

    Lorie, your little girls are absolutely beautiful! I can just remember my first sheltie doing the same thing with me when I was about three years old. That was MANY years ago and I’m doing the same thing today, only with 2 to 5 shelties at a time (one of which is my first sheltie’s grandson who’s named after him). Some of my best childhood memories were spent with my little boy.

  3. Sullivan

    WTG Lorie, these 2 sweet Angels are already forming their lifelong bond and will be BFF’s forever. Hailey is a little cutie pie, better watch her mom, this is your up and coming heartbreaker! But, not to fear, for certain, Casey will not let anything happen to her and will be right there to be sure that only the best enters her life. I wish you all many, long wonderful fun filled times with what is sure to be many antics from this adorable pair.


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