8 Responses to “A Lovely Leaf”

  1. Barbara Narong

    Thank you so much, Kelly, for posting, and sincere thanks to all of those who posted such kind comments; very much appreciated (by Shane, too!).

  2. Lois

    what a beautiful Sheltie…. sure wish I still had one…. but not to be at this time…. maybe somehow, some way in the future

  3. Terry

    What a beautiful boy Shane is. Lovely eyes and expression. He is such a good boy posing for the perfect shot. Enjoy your wonderful boy during the holidays.

  4. Sullivan

    What a breathtaking photo of Shane, Barbara, this is a calendar worthy shot. What a little beauty your Shane is, the stand up ears, those bright, soulful little brown eyes and I love the little “black frame” coming down each side of his neck to surround his handsome face. Lots of good wishes for many years with your sweet little furbaby.


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