WaltLook at this sweet little face! This little cutie was picked up as a stray on the Florida west coast. The rescue is guessing he is 9-12 years old. He loves people, loves to run, play ball, go for walks, lay at your feet or cuddle in your lap. His teeth were a mess, but they have now been cleaned and pulled…13 were lost, but otherwise he is a happy and healthy guy.

He is just such a doll, just a little guy that needs a home to spend his “golden” years. Do you have room in your heart and your home? Walt just wants to love you and be loved!

All the rescue asks for is an application, vet reference and a donation to help defer the cost to care for these Shelties that have been so neglected. Please contact at Barbara Davis for more information on Walt or visit Mid-Florida Sheltie Rescue to fill out an application and see other Shelties that are looking for homes.

UPDATE: Walt has been adopted!

15 Responses to “Mid-Florida Rescue: Walt”

  1. Aus sheltie mum

    He is just beautiful x hoping he gets a forever home soon, sending love and wishes from Aus xxoo

  2. Tabitha

    Awwww! Hope he finds a home soon. Such a handsome old boy. Hugs to the rescue, Walt, and his future Mommy/Daddy!

  3. Sullivan

    What a sweet face on this handsome little old soul. The body may be old, but just look at the love and life in those little eyes. Walt says I’m ready for anything, bring it on and we will handle it together. I pray he gets his forever home much sooner than later so he can experience all the love and goodness that only a forever home and family can offer. Good luck sweet baby.

  4. jo

    Walt is a really handsome boy! I pray he finds his forever home soon so he can get back to being a super Sheltie.

  5. Bobbie Pyron

    what a wonderful little guy much deserving of a loving, forever home. Will definitely share his story. Someone will be VERY lucky to adopt him!

  6. Sheila Eddy

    What a love bug! Too far away (Texas) We only rescue and have adopted those rescued Shelties and I thought we were doing a good job finding the right adults for us but must say we’ll need to up the ante moving forward and take in one like this sweet ‘ol boy! Breaks my heart seeing these golden dogs just abandoned, turned in what have you. So grateful ya’ll have given him the loving care he so deserves. And now I’ll pray for that just right adoptive family.


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