Wallace knows purple monkeys make the best pillows. :)

wallacesleepAwe, David.

6 Responses to “Monkey Snorgle”

  1. Aria's Mommy

    Hello David-

    When I saw your Wallace’s picture, I thought someone had possibly snuck into our home and took a picture of our furbaby! Aria is EXACTLY the same look! I hope you and Wallace share fun, food and family!

  2. Kimberly

    What a sweet little boy. Wishing you and Wallace many years of happiness together!


  3. Sullivan

    Well David, it is for sure you have made everything content and secure in Wallace’s world, he is such a handsome gentleman. What a beautiful little face you get the honor of looking at every day . . . if my computer came equipped with “hear-a-vision”, I’m thinking I might catch your sweet furbaby snoring! Enjoy many more years with your sweet boy.


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