BuddyChipmunkThis is Buddy. We call him Buddy Bear. He was raised outdoors his entire life and had not seen the inside of a house until rescued by Second Chance Sheltie Rescue of St. Louis (SCSR). Buddy has fallen in love with his Chipmunk and it’s rare that the two are separated. This gentle giant is 100% love, tail wags and Sheltie kisses. It has been my extreme pleasure to foster Buddy and introduce him to the luxury of old quilts and a soft toy. I am confident he will find his forever family soon. In the meantime, he and Chipmunk sit and wait patiently.

Hugs to you Christine for fostering this sweet boy!

If you would like to learn more about Buddy and fill out an adoption application, please visit Buddy’s page at Second Chance Sheltie Rescue of St. Louis.

11 Responses to “St. Louis Sheltie Rescue: Buddy”

  1. Jo

    I wish I could take him & his chippy! Buddy will find a loving home soon,how could anyone wanting a Sheltie pass him by?

    • Christine

      Ms. Hamilton, I LOVE your profile picture. Your dogs are beautiful. With any luck, Buddy meets his forever family this weekend.
      p.s. Buddy will be a tough one to part with, but he has been a joy to foster.

  2. Ruth Shoenthal

    Buddy looks just like my Motek only thinner….and younger. My guy is a rescue too, from Shetland Sheepdog Rescue & Placement of New Jersey. However he doesn’t have his stuffed toys too long. He loves to gut them and get the stuffing all over the place. If Buddy is like my fella then he’s a real charming sweetie pie. I hope he finds his furever home real fast. I can tell he’ll bring lots of joy and cuddles to his human.

  3. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w, what a beautiful, sweet little soul. I am really happy to hear that Buddy Bear is finally living the life he so richly deserves and the chipmunk is just an added bonus. My guess would be that this probably is the first toy he’s ever seen and just wanted something to call his own. Kudo’s to you Christine for fostering this little love and I’m sending prayers that Buddy Bear won’t have to wait long for his own furever home.


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