There’s no need to fear, Mackenzie is here!


Love those markings, Donna!

Shane got a fun toy for Halloween!


 Very sweet, Barbara!

Pebbles says:“No mom, I wanted to GET the sheep not BE the sheep!”


Good one, Piya!

In SN music news, Devin and Jaime are rockin’!


LOL, Kathy!

4 Responses to “Still on a Halloween Sugar High!”

  1. Sullivan

    Shane is standing by so dignified, much too handsome to cover up with a costume. He is patiently waiting for the trick or treaters.

    Goodness Piya, where did this pretty babys’ ear go? Another sweet face, I think the costume’s brings out the best in the furbabies, we’ve certainly seen some real cuties this year.

    Devin and Jamie rocking out? From the headdress’ they are wearing, they look more like flappers from the roaring 20’s! I love the intensity of their eyes, maybe someone on the sidelines is holding cookies as a bribe?

    I hope everyone had a safe Halloween, so we can move on to bigger and better things in the future.

  2. Sullivan

    Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, look . . . it’s Wonder Dog, NO, it’s Super Sheltie and what beautiful markings MacKenzie has, I love the blaze right up the middle of her head, just makes her stand out in a crowd.


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