9 Responses to “The cute’s gonna cost you!”

  1. Holly

    I couldn’t be mad .. upset at first, but not mad. The bank pieced it back together. As long as the serial numbers were there, and they were, I got the money back. He is Tru-ly the best!

  2. kate

    I guess you never heard it is a federal offence to destroy legal currency!
    OOPS! hahahaha too funny!

  3. Jo

    He looks proud of himself. Such a cutie! Tape the money back together & buy cookies with it.

  4. Sullivan

    Oh Holly, did the cute save him? Regardless, he is a very handsome little man and so smart that once you explain that was “marked” as his allowance, he won’t do it again, he promises! LOL Whatever the outcome, he is a very beautiful furbaby and I know you will forgive him, why . . . because that is what momma’s do!


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