7 Responses to “Wherever you go, I go.”

  1. John

    Seeing this pic reminds me of many walks with my old girl Chelsea. Where I was, she was. I was hers, she was mine.

    Enjoy all your walks. Thanks.


  2. Sullivan

    “Wherever you go, I go”. . . I think that is the Sheltie mantra. I also think the invention of Velcro was the next best thing to sliced bread. Christine, Coki looks so beautiful, silhouetted in the trees and it looks like that little slice of sunshine was made just for him to step into. I hope you enjoy your furbaby for many years to come.

  3. Jo

    I bet there’s a lot of interesting stuff to sniff there Coki! Looks like a great place to walk, with a Sheltie of course.


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