When hiking a blanket is a must for Ozzie and Andie.

They need a place to warm their footies!


Auntie Kate sure is a spoiler of these two! ;)

3 Responses to “Another Day in Snow Paradise”

  1. Jo

    Sheltie Heaven-Snow covered, running along their people, then a picnic of sno-cones on a blanket. And maybe a snow nap then back to running in the snow. Auntie Kate achieves hero status in one day!

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    Yes, I’d say Ozzie and Andie ARE a bit spoiled, but they are too lovely not to be :)

  3. Sullivan

    WTG Auntie Kate, safety first. We know these two babies sure thank you for that little consideration. Ozzie and Andie sure are cute and you can tell they are enjoying that little rest for their feets! What beautiful country for them to get to enjoy their hike.


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