8 Responses to “On Christmas, All You Need Is…”

  1. Barb Miller

    Oh my …he is adorable!!! What a lovely picture for the first viewing of your Sheltie! Do post a current picture …we’d love to see him now!

  2. David

    I thank Sheltie Nation for using this picture today. Yes it is my dog and I am proud of him but more than that this is one of the cutest pictures of any puppy that I ever saw during the Christmas season. My breeder selected a pup for me that I had put a down payment on. I had seen all the pups but the choice was down to 2. The breeder kept one male and gave me the other. This was the the first picture of my dog that I ever saw. The breeder shot this classic picture. It is a great picture and I am glad to share it and that sheltie nation chose to use it. It is in the Spirit of Christmas and in the joy of having a pet around to love at anytime,that is what this picture suggests to me. A pet is a commitment for the lifetime of that pet and it is a privilege to be able to love and to care for such a pet. Yes! I am lucky Sheltie Nation! Jeter is now a great Dog!

  3. Sullivan

    Who needs Christmas as an excuse? Every day is a good day for a Sheltie puppy. Little Jeter was such a cute baby, I know he has grown into a beautiful youngster. You’re right, lucky David, I’m sure you’ve had a full, fun filled year with this baby, I wish you many more, Merry Christmas.


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