5 Responses to “Get Lost In Those Eyes”

  1. Jo

    Alice is lovely, I could gaze into her eyes all day long. She looks like a great pal, John is blessed to have a beautiful Sheltie girl!

  2. Gloria

    Alice is one beautiful sheltie!
    That face shows your sweet nature and calm nature.
    John, you ARE one lucky guy!

  3. Sullivan

    Look deep into my eyes, you are getting verr-r-ry sleepy! What a doll Alice is and I would think that with that gorgeous look, she can con you out of just about any little thing her heart desires. John, your little Alice is just stunning, those little tipped ears, such a pretty color and that bib, white as snow. Wishes for you to have many years ahead of fun and companionship with your little heart dog.


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