3 Responses to “My Job is Done. See You Next Year!”

  1. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w Lacy, yes you will have to do this again next year, but think about this, that is 363 days away . . . maybe the hat will “get lost” before next year! What ever happens, you are just so adorable. Nadine, your Lacy is so stunning, such a beautiful coat. I love this sweet little face, it just seems to say, can we talk about this?

    • Nadine

      We have only had 4 yr old Lacy since mid Fall (we are her 5th home) and took her, thinking to find her an appropriate Sheltie home … well that first night when I walked in and found her on my husband’s lap watching t.v…. well we knew at that point that we were now owned by a Sheltie!


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