Blaze came our way a year and half ago. He was such a scared little fella. He hid under our deck, and we had to climb under the deck to get him. It took a lot of patience, time & love, but he has come around. He loves to play with our gang. In ten years of doing rescue we never kept a foster, but there’s always a first for everything, and he’s worked his way into our hearts. I think he’s here to stay.


He must be a very special boy, Holly!

20 Responses to “Merry Christmas! I’m Home!”

  1. Lois

    Patience and Love win out. this is one beautiful baby, would really love to find one for myself. very unusual. where can I find one?

  2. Judy

    It took just one look to see how you could fall head over heels in love with this boy. Such a heart-melting look on that sweet face. Glad this little cutie won himself a wonderful home with a family who obviously loves him so very much and gives him exactly what he needs to blossom. Merry Christmas little star!

  3. Terry

    Blaze is a beauty. I could never give him up. I am glad you kept him. He probably would have been so scared being sent to another home. He as a very sensative expression. Enjoy that little beauty!

  4. Laura Harris

    I love the bi-black shelties! I am so glad to see this picture. He looks so beautiful. Very Merry Christmas to Blaze and his family.

  5. Sharon

    Boy, Blaze is a shining star, all right! Having fostered myself I know it’s a special one when you realize, you can’t let them leave. Congratulations to you Holly and hugs to Blaze.

  6. Jo

    Blaze is so cute in his tinsel necklace and of course a star on his head. I bet it was gratifying when he relaxed and let himself love you Holly! Two of our four Sheltie rescues were hard to win over like Blaze was, it’s so nice when they finally let go of their fears and join the family. And now he’s home forever and you get the best gift of all, a loyal loving Sheltie!

  7. Ruth Shoenthal

    Oh those eyes! They are so alert and full of love and trust. He is one beautiful boy. It’s a good thing that you are a foster failure. Blaze looks so content and happy to be with you. God bless you for all the wonderful work rescuing Shelties for the past 10 years.

  8. P. Price

    How could anyone not fall in love with that little face?! What a special little boy he seems to be & he is very beautiful. Even more important, he’s found a loving forever home with folks who are proud of him.

  9. Gloria

    I have no idea how anyone can be a foster… I would flunk every time!

    I thank God there are fosters in this world! If not, I would not have my beloved Billy, Champ, or my current rescue Chance (the love of my life).

    Blaze please be sure to give a special kiss to Holly for being one of those extra special fosters we are all thankful for!

    Patience, time & love is the best gift a rescue sheltie can get! Bless both of you and Merry Christmas to you in your happy home!

  10. Sullivan

    Oh WOW Holly, when I came to the SN site, this picture of your baby literally took my breath away, so thank you for being a foster failure. I can understand, how could you let this little beauty go? The trust that you built would most certainly be lost, (and maybe never to be found again), if you shuffled Blaze off to another home. Besides, just look at that gorgeous little face and those trusting eyes, as far as he is concerned he is now a member of your family and is in his forever home. WTG Blaze, the eyes gets ’em every time.

  11. Sue who loves shelties

    I can understand why he is staying put! What a beautiful spirit and soul he appears to have. A v serious “look.” What a wonderful face. Best wishes to Blaze and his fam.


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