by Samantha Williams


Annah is reunited with her delighted owner.

A much-loved pet dog that went missing has been found safe and well in Ashford – 500 miles from home in Scotland.

Annah, a seven-year-old Shetland sheepdog, was reported lost by her owner Leanda Scott-Loosemore in May after disappearing from Cupar, in Fife.

Despite alerting the police and posting an appeal on Facebook, Mrs Loosemore was shocked to received a call from Ashford Borough Council to say Annah had been discovered wandering the streets here.

Officials were able to trace Annah’s owners after scanning her microchip.

Although it is not known how Annah ended up in Ashford, the pet is now happy at home again after being reunited with her family in Scotland just in time for Christmas.

Mrs Scott-Loosemore – who is mother to Jayden, four, and three-year-old Chantelle – said: “We had given up hope of ever getting her home. When we got her back up to Fife it was a very, very happy time!

“My kids were so excited to see her, as was she to see them.”

Ashford council spokesman Mark James said: “We were delighted to be able to reunite Anna with her owner.”

He said Annah had been found at Ducks Farm in Smarden.


Shetland sheepdog Annah was found wandering around Ashford.

Mr James added: “Apparently a builder on site saw the dog running around in a nearby field and managed to catch it and report it to the council.

“We have a microchip reader and so always scan dogs when we pick them up as strays so that we can see if it is possible to trace the owner as soon as we can.

“We read the chip and then phoned the company that administer the microchips and they tally the number up with the contact details they have and that’s when we were made aware the dog had been stolen and from there made steps to reunite Annah with her owner.”

Mr James said the incident emphasized the importance of having a dog micro-chipped.

He added: “We are pleased that there was a happy outcome to this story and that Annah is now safe and enjoying home comforts once again.”

15 Responses to “Missing UK Sheltie found 500 miles from home!”

  1. Gloria

    ?Annah and her family are now made whole. Thank God she was found safe. All my dogs are chipped for this very reason!

    I just wish there was a mandatory standard for these chips. Too many companies and types of scanners and they do all not work with each other!

    But, at least it is a partial insurance policy. Welcome home Annah!

  2. Jo

    wow, it’s a miracle the dog was found & returned. I bet Ms. Scott-Loosemore was overjoyed to get her dog back. Good story!

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    Wow, what an amazing and heart warming story! reminds me of two of my favorite books: LASSIE COME-HOME and the more recent A DOG’S WAY HOME. So happy for Annah and her family!

  4. Robin

    Wow! Glad you got her back! What a wonderful Christmas present! I can’t imagine if my Sheltie Scout were missing!????

  5. Sullivan

    WAHOO Annah, so glad to see you home where you belong, what a GREAT Christmas story, it just doesn’t get any better than this. I am so happy for the Loosemore family, especially the two little girls who were missing their best friend. Look at that cute little face, she almost looks like a little teddy bear. Enjoy the homecoming, your new year just got a whole lot brighter.

  6. Daria Murphy

    Best Christmas story! So happy for Annah and her family to be together again! This is one instance where I wish our Shelties COULD talk!

  7. Tabitha

    That’s so wonderful! I’m crying tears of joy for Annah and her family. What a wonderful Christmas they must have had!


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