Celie, on right, adopted from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue, laughs at her sisters, Emmalea and Sophie.


Does Celie realize she is wearing one too, Debbie? ;)

7 Responses to “NICE HAT!”

  1. Maida Farrar

    Great picture!!! I broke out laughing and am still laughing! LOVE IT! Merry Christmas to all the darling Shelties and their owners!

  2. Jo

    Lol! Emmalea and Sophie look unhappy with their new gear. They ALL look completely adorable! Thanks for adopting Debbie.

  3. Sullivan

    Oh Debbie, ROFLMAO! What a GREAT way to end the day! This is the funest picture ever! Sophie seems to be in on the fun too, look at that cute little smile. But, of all, look at that gorgeous little senior Emmalea, she is so beautiful. Wow, are you ever blessed and from the looks of these 3, your house must be a really fun place to live, they must keep you laughing all the time. MERRY CHRISTMAS and please give all 3 babies an extra cookie for me.


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