“…throw the ball!”

Candi rescued us at 6y/o she’s now 15!


Well get to it, Laura & Walt! ;)

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  1. Nickie Clifford

    Candi looks like such a precious little sweetheart. My husband and I both ‘oohed and awwed’ when we saw her photo. We pray our Amanda makes it to that age; these treasures are here with us on earth too short of a time ~ what a blessing for you to have her with you still.

  2. Sullivan

    WOW Candi, you look stunning, I only hope I look that good when I get to be that age! Laura and Walt, what a testament to your pet parenting skills. I would have never guessed from this picture that she is 15 years old, she does look younger, what happen Laura, you take her to the beauty salon for a “dye” job? LOL Seriously, job well done and I wish you many more long happy days with your beautiful furbaby.

  3. Sharon

    Oh my gosh, what a cutie Candi is! And obviously still sprightly at 15! Our first Sheltie was 6 weeks shy of 15 when she passed. I’m so glad your Candi is still going strong.

    Now, get out there and throw that darn ball! LOL!

  4. gloria

    OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!! WOW 15!!!!!!!! We should all be that lucky!

    Thanks Laura & Walt for being such great sheltie parents. I know Candi appreciates all you do for her. A rescue has a specal place in our hearts… and yes, it is up for debate… who rescued who!

    No matter… just enjoy each other as we know you will.
    Candi you are one lucky pup!


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