Cadfael, who turns 12 in December, is struggling with arthritis in his front legs and shoulders. It got pretty bad last winter and our vet recommended some rehab therapy. Fortunately it helped, and fortunately, he looked so cute! Walking on a water treadmill can help recover some of the lost mobility in his limbs. We now give him “pup exercises” every day to help keep him limber.

He looks like he might actually like it, Ron & Janice!

6 Responses to “Sheltie-cize Your Way To A New U in 2014!”

  1. Mary Jane

    My 12 year old rescue Sheltie Maizy also enjoys her weekly underwater treadmill sessions! She broke her hip last year and we’re still working on regaining muscle. Her BF Hobbes, our other rescue Sheltie, comes with her to cheer her on!

  2. Jo

    What a handsome senior Sheltie Cadfael is. I’m glad to see he’s improving with his therapy walking. I’ve never seen a water treadmill before-is he doing this at a clinic or at home I wonder.
    He looks like a really nice dog! Just smiling & walking along nicely.

  3. Gloria

    Be still my heart…
    Cadfael has to be the cutest sheltie ever featured on Sheltie Nation!

    I just want to give him a big hug and kiss for his effort to please mom and dad Ron & Janice. What wonderful sheltie parents you are to take the extra effort to get Cadfael the treatment he needs. Makes my heart leap for joy! The fact that you took a video to post to SN shows you wanted to share your success with us in hopes it may help another sheltie with arthritis.

    My rescue sheltie is 11 and has bone spurs on his back and has had laser treatment that really helped. So, it is wonderful to see others going the extra mile to help their pups cope with a physical issue.

    Keep up the good work Cadfael! Maybe we can all take your lead and get more exercise to keep our joints strong! You give us hope. Bless your little sheltie heart!

  4. Sullivan

    What a sweet, sweet face attached to your little senior and yes, he does look to be enjoying himself . . . just like everything else Sheltie, once they figure out what it is we are asking of them, they are only to eager to please. I wish for you many more long, lazy days with your wonderful little heart dog, Cadfael.


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