Beautiful Merle is ready for the holidays.


Thanks to Mary!


Byrn is also ready for Christmas.byrnxmas

Happy holidays, Gail!


This is Sergeant. We love the Christmas photos where he looks like he’s been such good boy and not on the naughty list!sargentxmas

Oh Sarah, they are NEVER naughty. LOL!


Layla spreads holiday cheer at Walter Reed Military Medical Center.laylaxmas

Happy girl, Chris!


Misty & Byrn are waiting for Santa!omahaxmas

Sweet, Robin!


Duncan is waiting for Santa too!


Happy holidays, Jenn!

6 Responses to “A Sheltie Under Every Tree!”

  1. Susan

    Beautiful Shelties! I’ve met Layla and know she’s been really good this year and deserves lots of presents from Santa.

  2. Gloria

    How wonderful… Sheltie goodness gracing these Christmas trees!

    I can not say enough how Merle, Byrn, Sergeant, Layla, Misty & Byrn, and Duncan make a house a home… with sheltie love and kisses!

    Thanks all for brightening a sheltie lovers day… the only on thing better than a sheltie under a tree is seeing 7 of them together on Sheltie Nation!

    Thanks Kelly!

    Wishing all you shelties and sheltie parents out there a wonderful and Merry Christmas and best wishes for a great 20141

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    They are ALL so beautiful and loved! Happy holidays to you all and thanks for sharing your lovely fur-babies :)

  4. Sullivan

    GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Just look at all the beauties we have been blessed with to share the holidays.

    Merle: What a gorgeous Sheltie he is, such a beautiful face.
    Byrn: Look at that adorable little seniors face, so serene in the first shot, and I love the tongue action in the second, as if to say, I’ve gotten this old, I can do what I want, when I want . . . I couldn’t agree more Byrn. Congratulations Gail, must be lots of fun at your house.

    Sergeant: I love his coloring Sarah and really love the ears, don’t worry baby, you will grow into them someday!

    Layla: Look at that big Sheltie smile, Layla looks really proud of herself. Chris you must so proud as well for her work at Walter Reed. WTG Layla.

    Duncan: What a beautiful little bi-black (I think?) you are. I love the one tipped ear, thank you for sharing Duncan with us Jenn.

    Their all waiting for Santa to come down the chimney, hoping to get to share his cookies!



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