Duncan is sleeping and smiling!


Awe, Sharla. Must dreaming of Christmas treats to come!

5 Responses to “Sweet Sheltie Dreams”

  1. Sharla

    Thanks guys. He’s exactly as he looks- a calm, sweet, fluffy little love bug! He loves his toys and his owner. I should have named him Velcro. LOL.

  2. Jo

    He’s smiling because he knows his image will please all the Sheltie fans on sheltienation.com! Love the bear, cuddled up to him. Duncan is a real cutie even asleep.

  3. Gloria

    What a sweet face Duncan has. So beautiful and calm.
    I love tri’s always wanted one!

    He has such a fluffy coat… those fluffy cheeks make a great pillow too!

  4. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w Sharla, what an adorable picture of Duncan, and looks like he’s got his little buddy pulled in nice and snug to enjoy the nap with him. What a sweet baby you have and he has such beautiful coloring. I envision hopeful dreams of dancing kongs and lots of pup cakes for Santa to drop off at his address for being such a good boy this year.


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