Wouldn’t you all wish to wake up to this under your tree Christmas morning?!


Awe David, Wallace was such a cute puppy!

13 Responses to “We Wish You a Puppy Christmas”

  1. Lois

    How I wish I was deemed acceptable to adopt a Sheltie, we loved dearly our Lady, we had to let her go in July, cancers. Love their spirit and love…miss her dearly……. oh well another life…..another place

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    Looks like Wallace is all worn out from the festivities! I bet he went from adorable to handsome :)

  3. Gloria

    ?OMG… Wallace looks like a realy stuffed animal under your tree!

    The best part… he is REAL!!!! And REALLY CUTE TOO…

    David is going to have the best Christmas EVER!!!!

    Wishing you, Wallace and your family a great future together!

  4. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w David, what a doll baby under your tree, and right in the middle of his head, it looks like a little heart shape at the top of Wallace’s blaze, wouldn’t that just be icing on the cake! Merry Christmas to you and yours and I wish you many long years with this new little family member. Lots of Sheltie antics in your future, patience Daddy, patience. Best advice I can give you is just roll with the punches.


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