Judging by Toby’s happy smile from last year, this Christmas should be fun!


8 Responses to “Yay for Christmas!”

  1. Debbie Balcita

    Love it! Some of the presents under the tree my son bought for our Shelties and Sissy knows it, so what did she do when she thought I wasn’t looking she just bit the edge of the gift and tried to slide it out from under the tree here it was the gift with her name on it!

  2. Ken P.

    All the presents will be for Toby because he has been nice and not naughty! Maybe some for you and your family, too, Kelly. :)

  3. Jo

    Toby is happy in the midst of all the fun. Big smile, beautiful eyes, tipped ears, he’s so cute. I am sure he’s getting everything on his list this year!

  4. Ruth Shoenthal

    Toby is so beautiful. He has the most gentle eyes and a sweet, sweet face. Thanks to Toby and you, Kelly, for this wonderful website.

  5. Gloria

    ?Toby has he sweetest face and is asking so very kindly for a present from Santa as he has been a very good boy this year! And with a face like his… how can anyone resist! We at SN have no doubt you will get what ever your little sheltie heart desires Toby… keep those sheltie smiles coming…

  6. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w, look at those pretty little eyes and that big Sheltie smile. Toby seems to be saying, Which one is mine, is it my turn yet? Patience, sweet baby, patience! We know momma is going to be spoiling you rotten and very soon. MERRY CHRISTMAS to Toby and all his family


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