Buddy came to us at 13 months old from a working farm as a working dog. His new life became that of a papered prince that he was born to be. His gets daily walks, goes skateboarding, hiking all over Saskatchewan Canada, camping and fishing. Buddy does it all.


I never knew just how smart and loving Shelties are till my Buddy came to me!


Welcome to the ‘I spoil my Sheltie Club’, Bonnie-Jean! ;)

6 Responses to “Dahling I Love You But Give Me Park Avenue”

  1. Jo

    He’s living the life of Riley now! And he looks adorable of course. Love his foxy face too. You got a good one Bonnie-Jean.

  2. Holly Tremblay

    They are such beautiful dogs it is hard to believe they are a herding breed. I remember a comment my M-I-L made once. She said “Lucy (sheltie) Is so regal and Missy (terrier) is just cute.

  3. Sullivan

    Best club in the world to be a member of Bonnie-Jean. Your Buddy looks adorable, so handsome. You’re right on all counts, our baby’s are just made for spoiling and so smart that sometimes it is scary! For my money, this is the best breed on 4 legs and we are lucky to have them in our lives. I wish you many years of fun, happiness and healthy companionship with your Buddy.


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