This is Payton, who worked so hard at getting the last few drops of yogurt out of the cup, that she fell asleep during the process!


Must be some good stuff, Pat & Ed!

9 Responses to “Deeee-leeee-scious-zzz!”

  1. Bobbie Pyron

    How utterly adorable! My shelties love to lick the yogurt out of the containers too, but have never fallen asleep doing it. Despite other’s concerns, I have no doubt you monitored your precious Payton closely and would never let her come to harm. She’s beautiful and loved :)

  2. Sullivan

    YUM-YUM Payton, momma and daddy sure were nice to give you the good stuff, huh? Just like Sanka, good to the last drop! She looks so adorable and I love the way all the colors of her coat blend together.

  3. Chris Baldwin

    OMG…PLEASE BE SOOO CAREFUL WITH THIS!!!! I lost my 9 month old sheltie fur baby because she tried to get candy out of a container and got stuck and suffocated…I will never forgive myself for my negligence…

    • karol

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh So enjoyed this pic because……All of my shelties loved, loved, yogurt……

      Plain Greek yogurt (yummy). So glad to see that others enjoy it just as much!

      Always awesome when we can share our food with our fur babies…..whether it be apples, bananas, yogurt, sweet potatoes, carrots or whatever.

      Thanks for sharing!


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