Maggie is 15 1/4. She’s a beautiful girl and still eager to play “ball boy” in a game of tennis.

Her face is almost white now, her eyelashes grey and she’s not as agile as she used to be but she still very attached to “Wilson”!


What a pretty and happy girl, Manda!

14 Responses to “Hey Tennis US Open, Need Any Ball Doggies?”

  1. Sharon

    Be still my heart, Maggie, you are really something special! I too,adore the seniors. I really hope my 3 girls are going strong like that at 15 1/4!!! Best wishes for continued good health, and hugs to Maggie.

  2. Maida Farrar

    Maggie, you are just adorable! I love the fact you are so happy and still love to play. God bless you. Hugs from me. Senior Shelties are just the best.

  3. Jo

    Wow Maggie is so lovely! I hope my Shelties look as god as she does when they’re seniors, because she is the picture of health & vitality.

  4. Bobbie Pyron

    Wow, look at her go! Your Maggie is so beautiful–I love senior dogs! I know you do, but I always have to say: cherish every minute you have with her.

  5. Gloria

    Maggie is absolutely adorable!

    Great photo to show off her tennis skills.

    She can be my ball sheltie at my tennis games anytime!

    We should al be so lucky to have our shelties as long as you Manda. You are a great mom. Many more years of tennis days to come!

  6. Kimberly

    Maggie is beautiful! Wishing Maggie and her family a Happy & Healthy 2014!


  7. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w Manda, what a little beauty Maggie is, just think about all the money we woman spend at the beauty salon every year to get that color and Maggie is just “stylin’ and profilin’ and struttin’ her stuff. I love getting to see these sweet seniors, they are just such loves and does my heart good to see them still so active. As usual it is always about the eyes, just look how shiny and soulful hers still are. WTG Maggie!


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