5 Responses to “Who owns this green couch of Sheltie fabulousness?”

  1. Chris

    Are you sure the two on the right aren’t collies? Look at their size and their faces look pretty collie-ish to me

    – Sheltienation lurker, collie owner
    (please don’t hurt me)

  2. Sharon

    Tee hee, what a very congenial group! Other couches may depend upon fancy pillows to make them “pop”, but we know Shelties are really just the thing for decorating, LOL.

    On the other hand now that I have three, there’s no room for ME on my couch any longer!!!

  3. Ruth Shoenthal

    What a beautiful group of shelties. I live in a small studio so I only have one beauty. I have enough space in my heart but not enough physical space for more furkids. I’m jealous of your ability to house 4 of them, if only for a visit. Lucky you, lucky them.

  4. Sullivan

    Be still my heart . . . just look at all that gorgeousness on one couch. Such handsome furkids, I’m guessing this is a bustlin’ house when the all these guests arrive. And more fun to be had then a little bit!


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