6 Responses to “This Place Has The Worst Staff!”

  1. Jo

    It looks like Annie Frannie has dug herself in deep down there. What a winter wonderland she is lost in-I hope she was able to get through all the deep snow & back home to cuddle up with in the warm house.

  2. Sullivan

    YOU expect ME to walk through that?? Have you lost your mind? I am the spoiled princess and this should have already been in anticipation of my needs! Oh Marti, aren’t our little fur baby’s just too-o-o cute, after all, who spoils them to the point of being . . . demanding? Of course, we do and we all know we wouldn’t have it any other way. From what I can see in the distance, your little Annie Frannie looks adorable.

    My question is this, did you walk down to her and carry her back? LOL!!

    • Marti

      Walk down and carry her back? No, of course not….that would have been undignified (in her eyes).
      I shoveled a way down to her as she demanded!
      I think it’s called “enabling”?


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