Uh oh, naughty Bentley!


Just a little touch up paint, Kristen. ;)

13 Responses to “What a Shame”

  1. Jo

    awww I feel bad just seeing Bentley’s sad face. Poor boy can’t even look at the camera!

  2. Ginny Jackson

    I am so glad to know that my Sheltie “Max” wasn’t the only one to chew a hole in a wall. It happened while I was at work and my now ex-husband was home ignoring him. It was an easy fix.

  3. sherri burruss

    Oh Bentley you look so sad! Our Lily needs to wear the same sign; she has chewed our walls in several places.

  4. Gloria

    ?Oh my Bentley… by the look on your face you seem very contrite!
    Hopefully you have learned your lesson…

    My sheltie Laddie looks just like you and did chew shoe moldings and door trims. Thank goodness he grew out of that stage.

    With that soulful sheltie look we have to forgive them, right Kristen?

  5. Rich

    Our little 3 year old sheltie Max is a drywall eater too. Has helped me improve my spackling skills over the last few years. :)

  6. Kristen Mlocek

    It was hard for me & my daughters not to laugh when we discovered the holes, my husband on the other hand…..not too amused. Bentley sleeps in his cage at night, including the night he did this. We had his cage too close to the wall, & he took advantage of the location! I think he was just bored, so now he goes to bed with some toys.

  7. Kathy Keeler Guzman

    My two Shelties did that as well before they were a year old but I figured out it was because they were frustrated. I had them in a large “circular crate” (an outdoor dog fence I brought in for them so they had more room and could be together) but they didn’t like that it was in the laundry room and they couldn’t see the door to protect the apartment. Once I moved it to the living room, no more issues. Not sure if this is Bentley’s problem but our Shelties are so smart they usually are trying to tell us something when they are naughty.

  8. Charlie Zychalski

    I have several holes in my walls, one is about 13 years old, plus I have a corner that has been chewed beyond repair. In my younger days I would have been livid, but at this point in my life I love my dogs more than my house. They did all that damage in their first two years, nothing as older adult dogs.

  9. Sullivan

    Poor Bentley, I can feel his shame from here. I sure hope this was a one and only time for this occurrence. If only Bentley could talk, you know he would tell you just how sorry he really is, just look at those pitiful little eyes. Regardless of his offense, he is certainly a very handsome little man.


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