12 Responses to “Shhh! Mom is sleeping.”

  1. Jenni

    Thank you everyone! Shea is certainly a cuddler!

    She doesn’t sleep in bed with us at night so when she gets the chance to get into bed she makes sure she snuggles up.

  2. Jan Hunter

    Jenni, your lovely little Shea looks like such a loving sheltie. It does not get much better than to hold your sheltie close and hug and kiss them. I love the sheltie smell. How I miss the one who liked to take a playful nip when I held him close and sang to him! Enjoy your sweet baby.

  3. Ruth Shoenthal

    Oh how sweet this is! Your baby is the total sheltie package: beautiful, loving, patient and kind. Wish my guy would sleep that way with me. My guy will sleep on top of the blanket pressed up against me. I really shouldn’t complain — it’s still terrific. Lucky you, lucky Shea.

  4. Gloria

    Oh my word, how totally adorable!

    I can not think of a better way to keep warm than a sheltie under the covers! With temperatures in Michigan going into the single digits in Michigan, we could use all the warmth and cuddles we can get!

    We all could use a little Shea in our bed!

  5. Sullivan

    Jenni, I am so jealous right now! Your little Shea is so beautiful and looks to be such a courteous baby to let momma sleep in, how lucky are you? I love those soulful little eyes and the protective arm around your shoulder seems to be saying, this is MY momma.


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