10 Responses to “And This Is My “Dog of Destiny” Pose”

  1. Sue who loves shelties

    Ha ha, love it. Shelties are so expressive, and they clearly know when their destiny is for greatness! My “great” little sheltie guy passed away in January, he was almost fifteen, so these pix really cheer me up. By the way, my brother has a doxie who strikes a “Churchillian” pose, v statesmanlike. Go dawgs!

  2. Anita FLANIGAN

    I wonder if he is following the antics of Polish squirrelz like our two do in California ;)
    Beautiful boy.

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    How stunning! Where’s the swelling violins? Where’s the cameras and director saying, “ACTION!”

  4. Sullivan

    Since we know our Sheltie baby’s are so smart, I think Carmel struck a pose for the camera while pondering all the questions of the universe and you know he WILL present the answers to his momma Eva. And I’m guessing the most important question will always be: What time is dinner? Eva your Carmel is a very handsome young man with a very striking coat color that I’m sure he gets many compliments on.


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