We were at a hotel in Franklin, TN, and Tanner was patiently watching his Daddy, hoping for a bite of his waffle at breakfast.

Sheltie begging

Of course he got a taste right, Jim & Wanda?

9 Responses to “‘Scuse Me, Tryin’ To Beg Here…”

  1. Sharon

    So darn patient! Well, as far as we can tell, anyway! LOL! Tanner is practicing the “I’m so cute you can’t resist” act. I know it so well. What a cutie pie.

  2. Courtney

    I think all Sheltie people know that stance. Sometimes my baby stands back up and sits back down again as if to say “I am sitting, please give me my treat.” Although it’s hard to say no, I try my best. But I can’t say no when he puts his head on my leg. I melt.

  3. Ruth Shoenthal

    My guy stares at me when I’m eating yogurt. He knows he’ll get to lick out the little container and is so impatient thinking he won’t get any this time. What he doesn’t know is that I can’t refuse him anything (except for some poisonous human food). It seems they all “assume the position.” Don’t you just love it –them.

  4. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w Tanner, you are so handsome. Since we all know that all our gorgeous little furbaby’s are spoiled rotten, that is the look that usually will get them just about anything they want, at least it did in my house! Tanner, hope you even got a piece of bacon with that waffle!


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