7 Responses to “Stop staring at my leg warmers!”

  1. Terry

    Oh, Shay I would love to have you at my house. You are just a cutie pie! Enjoy your wonderful little one!

  2. Ruth Shoenthal

    What an adorable bundle of love … and mischief. Enjoy every moment with this sweetie.

  3. Sullivan

    Thank you Nelly for my aw-w-w moment of the day. Your little Shay is just too cute, cute, cute and . . . did I say cute? Beautiful mocha coat color, the tipped ears, those sweet little eyes and with just the hint of a smile, I’d say this one is going to be a rascal! Lucky you Nelly, going to be all kinds of fun, shenanigans, zoomies and all things Sheltie at your house. Enjoy every second, they grow way too fast!


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