5 Responses to “As if she wasn’t sweet enough!”

  1. Sharon

    As the recent new mom to a bi-black girl, I definitely know how hard it is to get a good photo of their faces! Libby is gorgeous and obviously enjoying her snow day.

    We are drought-stricken here in So Cal, I had hoped to get my 3 girls to the snow this year, but no such luck.

  2. Laura Harris

    She is sooo beautiful! I think bi blacks are great! I have a bi black girl to and I tell her how pretty she is everyday.

    Thanks for the picture. I hope to see more bi blacks and tris here.

  3. J Shilling

    Thank-You! We have two spoiled rotten bi-black shelties. Libby has a brother Echo. He is a social butterfly and is very sweet. Libby is a little more reserved, and very outspoken, especially when things are out of place. She DOES look at me with those soulful eyes, and I just know she wants to go out and run around. Don’t worry, their outdoor play-time is very closely monitored when the mercury dips. We too, worry about other pet’s safety during such harsh winters. Thanks for your sweet words!


  4. Sullivan

    These bi-black baby’s are always so striking and Libby is no exception, Julie she is so beautiful. That gorgeous black coat makes a striking contrast to all the white snow. Those soulful little eyes are saying, WOW, all this fluffy stuff, just for me? Enjoy sweet little girl, just remember to get inside once in awhile to warm up.


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