5 Responses to “Another Winter Storm? Yeah, Bark That!”

  1. Donna

    Echo is adorable – I love it when they throw their little heads back and pretend they’re wolves! And the little white spot on his chin – perfection!

  2. Sullivan

    Sweet little Echo seems to be sending up prayers, please Lord, make it STOP!! Enough . . . we may never be warm again. Julie I see your other sweet baby in the background that seems to be “echoing” Echo’s sentiments. Both of these baby’s are beautiful and I love little Echo’s white beard.

    • Julie

      Thank-you Sullivan! Echo loves to smell the air on windy days, and yes you spotted his sis, Libby, in the background. Have a great day!

  3. Sullivan

    Sweet little Echo is sending her prayers up, please Lord, make it STOP!! We are all frozen and may never be warm again, but we sure would love to try! Julie this is such a cute picture and I do see your other baby in the background who I’m sure is “echoing” Echo’s sentiments. Ol’ Mother Nature has sure been kickin’ some hinny this year.


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