Poor Stitch. Birdies so close, yet so far.

sheltie looking up

LOL, Cathy!

8 Responses to “Can I Haz Wings?”

  1. Colleen

    My sheltie Jordan (RIP) used to herd pigeons. He reserved the posture noted here for cats in trees (he’d bark and pigeons would fly away).

    Keeping watch is important. You never know when a good bark will make a bird (or in Jordan’s case, a cat) come tumbling out of a tree. :)

  2. Jo

    Stitch, you’re going to get a sore neck from craning to stare at those birds! Maybe one day you’ll get one, but I think a toy bird might be a better choice for the sake of the birdies.

  3. Sullivan

    Poor Stitch, he looks so alone and nobody to play with! Of course with all the attention he has focused on the tree tops at this time, he may not even realize he is lonely! Maybe the birds will be able to hide from him once the trees bloom and it will be a little more tolerable. An extra pat on the head and a cookie might help your sweet, handsome little boy.

    • Cathy

      Oh Sullivan, I’m not lonely! I go to this park every morning, rain or shine, and walk around with my friend Roxie, the basset hound (my mama gets to walk with Roxie’s dad). When we’re done, Roxie goes to rest in the warm car and I run around chasing the birdies – I want to play with them but they never seem to come down to the ground. Harumph! So I run between the trees and call to them – maybe someday they’ll come down. It’s my favorite thing to do every day and mama is very good to me — she lets me run even when it’s minus-whatever degrees out and I have so much fun! Thanks for asking after me, mama will make sure to give me extra pets and a smackerel of cheese, always my favorite treat! ~Stitch


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