There it is, folks: the twinkle in the eye, pearly white teeth with just a hint of tongue… The look that says “Sure, I may only be 2 feet tall, but am I going to let that bring me down? Golly gee willikers, no!”


Shiloh is happy girl, Patricia!

8 Responses to “The Happiest Sheltie on the Planet”

  1. Bobbie Pyron

    Wow, what an expressive face! Love that sheltie grin and those laughing eyes. And what beautiful while teeth!

  2. Ruth Shoenthal

    What a happy face! Shiloh joyous expression just made my day. Thanks and enjoy your sweet furball.

  3. Jessica Pike

    This is my first sheltie pup, and I’ve never seen such an expressive dog. No matter how he feels I can tell by looking at his face. :)

  4. Sullivan

    LOL!! Thanks for giving me such a great image to go to bed on. Shiloh has just become my new and best favorite, such a sweet looking little beauty, Kelly has said it all! What a fun girl to get to live with, Patricia your house must be a laugh a minute. Hoping for you many more long, fun happy years of all things Sheltie to keep your lives interesting.


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