Gina says: “you can’t see me under this leaf!”


Silly puppy, Pam & Brian!

7 Responses to “Hide-and-Go-Squee”

  1. Brian

    Thanks for all the kind words! Gina has grown into such a beutiful dog. (That picture was a couple years old I just came across it while cleaning up an old computer). i will post more picture of her soon.

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    LOL! There’s nothing cuter (and sweeter) than a worn out puppy. She’s a beauty!

  3. Ruth Shoenthal

    Gina is adorable. Poor baby was tuckered out. She can sleep in my lap anytime. Her coloring is very distinctive. Love the browinsh stripe on her head.

  4. Sullivan

    Pam and Brian, what a doll baby! Gina looks to be such a love, I know you are going to have so-o-o much fun with her. Looks like Gina said “I’m done” and just dropped where she stood, like she just couldn’t go another step. I really hope you continue top share pictures with us, because I am really looking forward to seeing how her blaze and the brown “stripe” on the top of her head are going to blend together. Sending good wishes your way for many long, happy fun-filled years with your new baby.


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