Logan says: “My mom is kind enough to make an area for me to got the bathroom. Unfortunately, she has to create a mountain of snow to do it.

Thanks Mom!”


How is your back, Gloria? ;)

7 Responses to “Mt. Logan”

  1. Donna

    We create a “snow fort” for our little Fergus as well. His legs are just not long enough to handle the amount of snow we’ve had this winter here in Alberta. PS – Logan is a beauty!

  2. Ruth Shoenthal

    Logan is so handsome with the white blaze at the top of his head and his tipped ears. Anyone remember Frank Zappa’s “Don’t go where the yellow snow grow?”

  3. Sullivan

    Further proof that we will do anything for our furbaby’s. Logan has such a sweet senior face, and anything that adds to his comfort can only be a plus that we know he appreciates. Good job for giving the extra effort for your little handsome man momma Gloria.


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