The night Nitro came to our home he got on his new bed like he knew it was for him.

He will definitely be spoiled.


You are off to a good start with the spoiling, Debbie. :)

Congrats for adopting such a cuite!

14 Responses to “My New Bed!”

  1. Bobbie Pyron

    Looking like the little prince that he is. Hugs to you for adopting!

  2. mary

    Nitro is absolutely beautiful! Have never seen one these colors I am astounded. Congrads! I am a aspiring Sheltie mom hoping to get my baby later this year.

  3. Ruth Shoenthal

    Nitro is one of the most striking Shelties I’ve ever seen! He’s gorgeous. I want to cuddle him & hug him. So delicious. May you have a gazillion years to love, enjoy and play together.

  4. Dianne

    Nito is so pretty..Congratulations on your new addition to your family..Many years of love and fun ahead for you !

  5. Nancy Morgan

    Nitro is absolutely gorgeous. He looks a lot like my Sheltie except my Murphy doesn’t have that much white on his face! I love his face with all that white. My dog has one black ear and one Gray ear! so cute. Good luck with him and be blessed!

    • Debbie Robillard

      Send me a picture of your Murphy to my email if you want to. Love seeing other shelties pictures!
      It has been a year and Nitro is such a joy love him to pieces.
      He has allergy problems we found out after we got him and he takes injections by me twice a month and hopefully will get to stop them soon. He is doing great now!
      Thanks for the kind words about him.
      Baton Rouge, LA

  6. Sullivan

    Congratulations on your adoption Debbie. So, the question here is who is the luckier one? Nitro for getting his very own forever home and a great new momma or, you Debbie getting this good looking little gentleman, and what a handsome boy he is . . . another little cutie with the tipped ears, who will be your companion and best friend for life? Looks like a win-win to me!


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