9 Responses to “Buy. Me. MORE. Toys.”

  1. Dianne

    AWWW ! Gina is so cute…….Kelly waits eagerly by the door when I go into town for her goodie bag!..And if mommy forgets, for sure her little nose gets out of joint!
    I think she has more toys than our kids had!

  2. Carla

    Toy paradise. I know I couldn’t refuse to buy another toy for this cutie!!

  3. Sharon

    Oh my what a bundle of cuteness. I can see she’ll have you twisted around her little paw! My Brooke has that fox skinnez, as well. Have fun with your little girl!

  4. Jan

    What an adorable little sweetie. And she is going to grow into a real beauty, you’re lucky to have her! Don’t be too mad if she chews something that is not her toy by mistake!

  5. Bobbie Pyrn

    LOL! Pam and Brian, I think you better hurry up and by those new toys NOW!

  6. Terry

    Aww! Gina of course you need more toys. I am so entranced, I will buy you whatever you desire cutie.

  7. Sullivan

    This little love bug is just too cute for words, but at this young age Gina is already on the right track Pam and Brian, a girl can NEVER have too much bling! This is Gina’s gold so she is already rich beyond measure. I wish you many years of happiness and fun, fun, fun with this sweet little heart dog who I’m sure has already become your BFF and life long companion.


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