This is Ben, 12, who was adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St. Louis in 2006, arriving at the groomer today.

It’s not exactly his favorite place to go, so he decided to “hide” in the shelf in the entry way!


Pretty clever, Angela!

8 Responses to “You don’t think anyone can SEE me, do you?”

  1. Anita Flanigan

    Robbie and Daisy send wishes to Ben and would like to tell him that he’s really a lucky guy. “The more they clean you up, the more they love you; we got our bath today and had a swell cookie afterward”.
    Robbie and Daisy were adopted 4 years apart, Daisy from No. California Sheltie Rescue and they found out they were brother and sister litter mates and are 7 years old now.

  2. Gloria

    Angela, Ben is one sweet faced rescue! I can see why you fell in love! Thanks for adopting the wonderful soul. Great hide job Ben! I am sure you will forgive Angela for wanting you to look your best! Many more happy years ahead!

  3. Ruth Shoenthal

    My guy looks at lot like Ben so they both have to be cute. He looks like he’s saying “wash the poodle.” great photo.

  4. Bobbie Pyron

    Not only handsome but very smart! Don’t worry, Ben. This too shall pass ;)

  5. Sullivan

    Sh-h-h-h Ben, don’t make a sound . . . no one will ever find you there? Angela, your little Ben is such a handsome little senior, I just love that sweet little face peeking out. Our sweet souls do so much to keep us entertained and this is one “trick” sure to bring a smile. I’m guessing an extra cookie helped to ease the pain! Here’s hoping for many more years with all things Sheltie for you and your little man.


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