6 Responses to “Dream a Little Dream”

  1. Courtney

    Noa is sooooo cute! I am pretty sure there is nothing sweeter than a sleepy sheltie.

  2. Gloria

    So sweet…
    I just want to plant a BIG KISS on that snout!

    Noa is such a love… you are very lucky Denise.

  3. Sullivan

    I think there are some words in the English language that just can not be spelled, having said that, I can imagine little Noa sleeping soundly, and with every breathe out his little lips flappin’ and making the that little noise that accompanies that, you know, something like wwee-wwee-wwee-wwee!

    Anyway, Noa is adorable, he looks to be sleeping the sleep of the dead, with all those little Sheltie dreams running through his mind. Lucky you Denise to get to share space with this sweet little soul.


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