10 Responses to “We interupt this Monday to bring you…smiles!”

  1. Denise

    Wow I’d sure like to know the punchline. Looks like it was a really good joke!! Too cute!

  2. Rosemary James

    These two cuties have made my day. I work from home and the first thing I do in the morning is check Sheltie Nation. I will be smiling all day thinking of these two and their antics. It looks like they really enjoy each other.

  3. Cliff

    it sure looks like there is serious play going on there! thanks for sharing.


  4. Sullivan

    You are so-o-o right . . . I am ROFLMAO! I would LOVE every week to start this way. Molly and Maysie may be two sweet little ladies but I’m guessing they each have mean streaks (mean as in playful) a mile wide, what one can’t think of, the other one can and I’m further guessing that these two beautiful little clowns are a laugh a minute. So Steve and Di, how much fun it must be to live in your house!


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