13 Responses to “When Yarn Isn’t Cat’s Best Friend”

  1. Carla

    What a priceless photo????
    Beautiful cat and stunning Sheltie.
    Thank you for adopting!!

  2. Sullivan

    Congratulations and thank you on Stella’s adoption . . . WTG. Well, aren’t your two baby’s just too cute for words. As we all know we don’t always get to choose the ones we love, we just love the ones we’re with. From the looks on both those faces I’d guess there is plenty of mischievous to go around and one is just as guilty as the other. Your little Chloe Jo is cute, but your Stella is gorgeous, just look at those sweet little soulful eyes that you can just fall right in to. I have no doubt that she already has you wrapped around all 4 paws. Wish you long years of happiness, fun and all things good for these baby’s.

    • McGuffy Ann Morris

      Thank you! Actually, Stella is a very good girl. It is Chloe Jo who is naughty!

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    That is the most beautiful, heart warming photo! How wonderful that they’re BFFs :) And hugs to you for adopting!


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